Sorry if this has been answered, but thats a lot of pages to read through!

I saw that honey lightens hair, and molasses darkens hair. I dont really want my color to change but I guess if I had to pick Id rather it went darker. What are the pros/cons to honey or molasses? And those of you who have used molasses how do you use it? Is honey or molasses better than the other?

I want to stop by the store on my lunch break today and try one out tonight, but not sure which way to go. Please help!
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Hi paint horse. I'm kind of new to all this hair stuff so someone else might be able to answer better. I finally tried some honey and it really made my curls perk up. I read about it lightening hair (which I don't want) so I tried molasses. It made my curls perk up the same as honey but also added shine and softness. I definitely like molasses better and I'm experimenting this week with molasses in my FSG. So far I'm really liking the results.
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