are an EXCELLENT Faux News Student. You've learned ALL the talking points and right-wing lies and can recite them to perfection. Good job.
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You probably thought that was a devastating response, RedCatWaves. But I can think of a couple of reasons, just off the top of my head, why it's not:

1) When you're presented with an argument or facts that are inconvenient for you, that run contrary to your political beliefs, you immediately resort to snide, personal attacks and mockery. The fact that you cannot respond with facts and your own reasoning tells me just how weak your argument is.

2) These stories about the financial demise of Greece, Spain, France, etc., have been all over the news for months. On all kinds of news outlets. Where are you getting your news? I am not the one here who is uninformed. Here are some terms that you can Google to get you started:

France Sarkozy retirement age
Greece financial crisis
Spain financial crisis

Ireland and Portugal too. I'm not an economist, and there may be some contagion from Greece which exacerbates the problem for some of these other countries, but the fact is that you cannot keep taking on endless debt if you want to run your country successfully. England is cutting back on its budget, too. The writing is on the wall that the cradle-to-grave nanny state does not hold up over time.

Looking around at what is working and what is not working in other countries can give us valuable information, helping us in making decisions here in the U.S. (just another example: national health care in Canada and England). Before we try to make our country a socialist paradise, doesn't it seem wise to first look around at currently socialist economies and ask, "How is this working out for them?" The American left seems oddly uninterested in doing this. Why is that?
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