I tried this as a curl cream today and I love it! I do use this as an occasional rinse out and love the seaweed slip it gives my hair. As a curl cream, it defined my curls well and I used it following a leave-in and topped with AOMM. I can't wait to try new combos with it!
Originally Posted by tonsofcurlz
tonsofcurlz, what leave in did you use it over? I have been thinking about using another conditioner under it. I do love it by itself though. I use about two tablespoons of it.
Originally Posted by curry curls
I used Abba Gentle leave-in under the Kenra and super-soaked to get the curl formation going. I always use a leave-in base under any of my styling products and I chose the Abba because it's basically unscented. I didn't want another scent to clash with the coconut scent of the Kenra. I love that the Kenra is so thick. I used about a tablespoon total for my whole head.
3b, fine texture, low to normal porosity
Low Poos:
MOP C Hydrating, JC HCC, Ion Swimmer's Poo
Condish: GVP Balm, Kenra, Tigi Oatmeal/Honey, DE Coconut
Leave-In: BWC, Abba Gentle, KBB Nectar, GFTN
Stylers: CJ AF/CIAB, SS CEJ/FHG, QCCC, Komaza Puddings, EW SAJ or Alba Soft Curl w/KKSS, Kenra, Homemade FSG, AOMM, CK/QB HTSG

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