Aww, don't be shocked! I just mean I really, really like when I see older ladies who do not look Young exactly but look Great, in good shape and good style, good hair and looks. This is my goal - not to deceive or look like someone I'm not, but to show everyone that my age looks GOOD.

You would not be who you are without all the experience!
2c / C / iii (FIA)
Med-Coarse, LowPorosity, NormalElast (LCLF)

Shoulder-Length now.

Wash: DevaCare Low Poo
Detangle & Rinseout: Walgreens or Sally's Conditioning Balm (always)
Leave-in: DevaCare OneC (budget choice is GFTN)
Style: ReCoil & DevaCare Arc Angel (budget choices are HESMU or Got2BSpikedUp)