ohh, some of these posts just made my day. Is it horrible that reading other peoples' rants and bad experiences makes me feel a connection with them?

I don't consider asking someone if they are mixed to be offensive. However, I have been asked (by total strangers!) if I am Jewish. Talk about some serious awkwardness.

1. Judaism is a religion, not a race. I have known Jews from many different countries who looked nothing like each other.

2. I'm pretty sure the reason they asked me is because not only do I have dark wurly hair, I also have a huge nose.

now, THAT is some offensive shhh. And it's happened on more than one occasion.
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It's like asking a redheaded Buddhist that because they're buddhist, they're most definitely Chinese. No doubt about it.

I am on my Mothers side, Half white European (Spanish & Polish) and half African. My Dad is Lebanese/Syrian/ and dun dun dun ISRAELI. Yeah, most of the Jews I know in America and other places don't look anything like us here in the Middleast. It honestly kind of annoys me when I say my heritage to a religious Jew, and they believe they relate to me because I'm from Israel or are Hebrew (yeah you're blonde pale and blue eyed, sorry your not Semitic). Being a religion does not make you a race, and does not make you know the culture. Please do not believe you relate to me because you practice the religion of Israel. Man I sound kind of mean :/ I mean absolutely no offense to religious Jews, just the ones that believe they are ethnically Jewish.

And what's absolutely hilarious is that many people in Israel don't actually look Semitic either.

If someone looks Jew, they most likely look Middleastern or Mediterranean. And more then likley, they're probably not from Israel.

I get the where are you from to. I think I have a slight accent to, so that probably helps people in asking me. I usually get -

Italian/Greek/Spanish/Russian/and Jewish lol. I usually get a 'are you part African?' (even though I don't really look it, at all) because of my 3c hair. I also got a lot of you look Asian comments. Which is just weird.

I once got a 'you look like Lisa Bonnet' (who is African/Jewish? I can actually see her mom being from Israel) from a gay guy at a walmart counter. Kind of threw me off, because I don't think I look anything like her - but I was flattered ( I think she's pretty )

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