I'm on the fence about buying KCCC. I read that this product should not be mixed with other glycerin based conditioners or LIs, oils, butters etc. The CC is specifically meant to be used with KT...otherwise, drying time is increased and frizz comes into play. Have any of you had success skipping the KT and using another product in conjuction with the CC? Have any of you used CC with Deva OneC as a LI? OneC contains glycerin so I'm curious to know whether this combination could work.

Great video by the way!
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When I used KCCC, I used it with almost everything and it was fine--no bad product reactions. I never really used the KCKT--it just wasn't moisturizing enough for me. I stopped using the KCCC a long time ago because there were other "jelly" products I like a lot better, including the Spiral Spritz (I use it as a serum or jelly product) and the Tiny Twirls Moisturizing Styler. I apply it in the same manner as this video and it's great. I used it with CJ CCCC yesterday and had fabulous curls with lots of volume.
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