I had a great hair day yesterday! I got my hair cut on Saturday and did not wash my hair until Monday. Yesterday I used PlayCurl Poo and Condish, Neutrogena Triple Moisture and GF Smoothing Milk as leave-ins. Then I used Ouidad Climate Control gel and plopped for 15 minutes. I then diffused upside down. Then I was rushed (had to bring my parents to the airport), so I touched the top of my hair and it frizzed. So I put some Suave Aloe Vera Gel on the top (at my roots) for volume and then on the sides where I frizzed. By noon, my hair was frizz free and had volume at the top and curls/waves on the bottom. By 4 it was still good. The curls started to droop by 7 (but that is the Ouidad CC, it always does that). But my curls clumped and were soft and frizz free.

ANYWAY...it was the best hair day I have had since going natural. YAY!

Still waiting for my Boots....
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