Actually, if you look really closely, you'll notice that your local tea bagger rally isn't really "all that". Especially if you watch Fox, you can catch them occasionally doing a distance shot that shows that outside the initial cluster of people who are "front and center", there really isn't a lot going on at the tea bagger rallies. When the local news station has to interview the same person (here anyway) over and over bc none of the other local tea baggers are fit for prime time TV, you kinda start to catch on that they're trying to make them bigger than they really are.

As for Sarah Palin, I don't know anyone on either side of the fence that likes her. She tried to force her daughter to get married for her own political reasons. She's lugging around a kid that she clearly resents and using him to play for sympathy.

She's not real bright, IMHO because she bashes Obama for using a teleprompter but gets busted writing on her palm. Hmmm.... I can use some modern technology or I can do something I don't think any of us have done since like what... maybe 3rd grade.

She flat out lied about the "Death Panels". Rather than letting people make decisions about the disposal of their assets, DNR's, and other things in an informed and orderly way well in advance of needing them, she freaks people out by squealing about "Death Panels". Even though I'm an only child, I will inherit nothing from my parents. My father's care has burned through their savings. The State of Texas now owns their house bc of it. My mother, who is 11 years younger than my father, is allowed to continue to live there under a very specific set of conditions. For example, if she ever has to be in the hospital for more than 30 days, she will loose the house.

Because they are married, all of her retirement savings have had to be spent on his care in order for them to qualify for any kind of assistance. After working almost her entire life, my mother gets $495/mo from Social Security. My father gets about $3000 as his military pension so they're doing ok now.

When he dies my mother will only be entitled to about $1200 of his military pension. That means she's going to have to live on $1700/mo. That's about what you might make working at Wal-Mart. But instead of having a place to go to talk about how to prepare for being on Medicare or Medicaid or to be able to find out what kinds of assistance he might qualify for, my mother has to navigate this maze of government programs by herself with some assistance from the VFW post and a couple of friends who are in similar situations. Thanks for nothing, Sara Palin.


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