Well, I guess I have a real strange point on this one. My family runs anywhere from bone straight to as my father teasinly liked to put it "like you stuck your finger in a light socket!" I am deeply wavey, I guess. Never have been able to get my hair straight by any means.

My husband and I adopted 3 children. The oldest is gypsy and has hair so straight it is unbelievable. Can't be curled. The twins are mixed. Look white, completely, except for the girl twin's hair. Incrediably thick, soft, tiny ringlets in soft brown. People will look at her hair, my hair, older sister's hair, father's blue eyes, twin brother's soft easy ringlets and wonder what the heck kind of family we are. Since we all have "white skin" they just aren't sure. I refuse to "see" the confusion and wait to see if they are bold enough to ask. Then I start.

You see, I have a friend who is Danish. Tall, white blond, pale white, blue eyes, and from a long line of the same kind of people. She was in the process of becoming a Doctor and was going to specialize in genetics. She became engaged to a very wonderful Jewish man. Somewhere in her studies she was asked to participate in a genetics study for Tay Sachs disease. For those who have not heard of this, it is similar to sickle cell except that it appears in those of Jewish descent and is 100% fatal by 5 years old. It is a extremly painful and horrible death for a very young child. Many people have themselves tested for it and if they marry another carrier, they have each pregancy tested. My friend, as part of the testing process to be in the study, found that she carried for Tay Saches! Somewhere, back in time, someone Jewish was in this family of blonds! Which show you, NO ONE can guarantee their ancestery! My friend was so glad she found out because her husband was a carrier and they had never suspected that she was also. They could have had a very sad and painful experience.

My belief and the belief of many of the religions of our world is that we all came from one man and one woman. We are all related. We have more in common than we have in difference. I like or dislike someone based on the character of that person, not on what that person is physically. I find great amusement in quitely disrupting other people's prejudices. Usually by acting as though I don't really understand that they are really being that dumb, ugly, cruel, stupid, etc.