After finding the curly girl mecca that is naturally curly and having unbelievable success with it for the past 2 years, I was looking for a better way to take care of my skin and not give in to the beauty industry hyped products and evil cycles.

I've been doing OCM for the past 7 months. I've been off birth control for a few years and my acne came back and I tried every product in the market to get rid of it. I made an appt back in May with a dermatologist and wasn't able to get in until September. My skin became dry and flakey from all the products I was trying. My eyes became wrinkly and tired looking. (I'm only 26!)

But after just a few times using OCM I was able to get my skin feeling soft, moisturized and comfortable again. The little bumps called milia that I had disappeared after a few months and now all I have left is hormonal acne that I get a week before my period along my jaw/chin area.

Nothing the dermatologist has prescribed me has helped so far so I went back on birth control. When I told my dermatologist about OCM she gasped at the fact that I was using oil on my face and begged me to stop. But I couldn't because the creams and pills she was giving me to cure my acne just made my skin more dry and itchy and irritated. I just don't feel that she knew her stuff.

I've researched what is non-comedogenic. And these oils are safe and non-poreclogging!

I use half / half jojoba oil & castor oil w/ a dash of tea tree oil. I do this just once at night and steam w/ a wash cloth to get rid of all my makeup and clean my face.

My mosturizer I use consists of a mixture of 100% Aloe Vera gel, Jojoba Oil, a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, and 100% Vegetable Glycerin.

In the morning all I do is wash my face with a warm water wash cloth and put on some of my homemade mosturizer.

My skin has never felt better. I still have acne, but I'm 100% sure it's hormonal acne and the only thing that seems to fix that is to regulate your hormones. And that can only be done from within.