To be fair she does say in the video that you can use your own choice of leave-in conditioner and oils so no-one should feel compelled to rush out to het KCKT (It's like gold dust here in the UK anyway!)

As for using Aloe Vera juice on its own: It's been an ingredient that people have used in their spritz bottles for ages so I'm sure people hav thought about it before. You have to remember that the AVJ is just one ingredient or the purpose of sealing the cuticle but the other ingredients play their parts as well. The leave-in will provide extra moisture and the oils will help with the sealing properties - as I understand she doesn't put anything on top of her mixture so she'll need to add some oils; just like people add oils to their spritz.

Another thing to consider is that a mixture will be more cost effective. If you test the ph of AVJ with water you'll see that you only need to add a small fraction of it to get a 4.0-4.5 ph. So if you're going to use it on its own I recommend just adding a bit to water and your AVJ will go a long way!