I have curly hair, but it was all damaged by normal shampoos. So I was looking for a miracle. ( here in the Netherlands you will not find that)

One day my friend told me about naturallycurly and I think I found my little miracle. Where I come from there is not such thing like organic products for curly hair.

So looked up all the conditioners and shampoos you prefer and some are really good! They don't contain sillecones or sulfates, but when I googled some products like desert essence, Devacurl, Tigi BedJoico Joiwhip, Kenra they all contain very toxic ingrediŽnts like Parabane. Never heard of it befor, but they are very nasty. The Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. also says that these product are not good for you.

Can somebody tell me about products that a really, really organic?