My hair is 2a/b wavy, thick, and BSL, and it probably takes me 20 or 30 minutes. I can blow it out straight without much trouble (and only flat iron the front if necessary, which is another five minutes), but it doesn't stay straight if there's any humidity in the air, if it gets rained on even very slightly, if I sweat at all, and so on. It also gets weird bends and flat areas overnight, so I can't straighten at night or have multi-day straight hair.

In practice this means I have to do a full blow-out every morning and still have no guarantee it won't frizz up in five minutes, so finding this site and learning how to wear my hair natural/wavy was a huge eye opener for me.

Edit: Obviously, my hair is way easier to straighten than most of yours, but it still takes a hell of a lot of time when you think you have to do it every single morning, or your life will be a disaster and you'll be too ashamed to leave the house. I know my boyfriend appreciates the greater flexibility in my "getting ready" time these days, since I no longer have to make sure that my hair is absolutely bone dry before going anywhere.
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