I couldn't help but think that they sort of bit off of 28 Days Later .
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Exactly my thoughts on this. Except in the US and no hot Cillian Murphy.
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I thought the same thing, until I read an interview with the creator of "The Walking Dead" (which is based on a comic book). Apparently 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead comic book were being developed at the same time, unbeknownst to the creators. The movie came out just a few months before the comic book was released. The creator of The Walking Dead initially freaked out when he saw 28 Days Later, but figured the two stories were different enough for people not to say he ripped off the movie. Little did he know...

Anyway, I'm a big fan of 28 Days Later and I love this show as well. The gore was pretty tough to watch at times (especially the last scene with the horse), but most of the scenes that got to me were just creepy: the little girl in the opening scene with the teddy bear; the room in the hospital with "Dead Inside: Do Not Open" warning; the zombie wife turning the door knob; the shot of the tank covered with zombies. The show has stuck with me all week, so I'm excited for tomorrow!