My favorite quote about claiming feminist sensibilities:

For, as helpful as it is to be reminded that “[W]omen”, like other “others”, is
socially constructed, the [W]omen whose lives are shaped by that construction,
as it intersects with others, do indeed exist. They exist subordinated to [M]en;
poor more than [M]en; physically and sexually abused, more than [M]en; paid less than [M]en; promoted less than [M]en; employed and managing a home, more than [M]en; raising the children, more than [M[en;under-performing relative to their male peers, in academic and professional settings; exploited, denigrated, and stereotyped in popular cultural imagery, more than [M]en; assigned the cultural function of reflecting [M]en “at twice their natural size.” They exist,
sometimes colluding in their subordination, sometimes resisting it, using
whatever their circumstances offer to piece together a life. And feminists
while continuing to acknowledge, celebrate, and support the investigation of all the “differences” that divide and constitute both [M]en and [W]omen, need not
be embarrassed and should not be afraid, to describe our work as being about
[W]omen, and to imagine that our work is of a kind in which we have a special
competence, and a special stake.
Clare Dalton