We might as well add to the list-it is such a long list it will not even be noticed. My sis had a hysterectomy when she was in mid 20s so has no idea where she is either. I am kinda in the same shoes since I am still taking birth control. I had to ask the stupidest question ever if I would still continue to have periods if still on the pill. RCW let me know that I would so I am not really sure where I am in this journey either. I am not sure if I have enough energy to make an appt to find out what I should be doing if anything. That is another symptom-apathy.
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I hear you on the energy. When my friends call and want to make plans in the future, I tell them I will let them know that day. Not sure if I'll have the energy to do it. I got some iron pills and hope they will work. I think the energy thing also affects my sex drive. You know you have to have some energy to have sex. I think mine is still there, becuz of a dream I had recently. I really want to continue that dream.
From Michael Berg:

Every person has a unique connection to the Creator that can never be extinguished, and every person has a great soul that can manifest important things in our world. To make a person feel less than they are because of something inside themselves, be it faith, race, or sexual orientation, is the greatest sin of all."