I'm another one who had her uterus removed but not the ovaries. I was having minor hot flashes (but still annoying), not sleeping through the night, vaginal dryness, lack of desire, etc.

Since I started on 2 products recommended in my libido thread I have been doing much better. Rarely get a hot flash now, (remember mine weren't really bad though), almost never need lubricant for sex, and am having more desire and orgasms.

What I started using was the maca magic capsules (I take 2 a day and I think that is the minimum recommended), and the vaginal cream (prescription), that curlypearl recommended. I also have more energy which I attribute directly to the maca. I did an experiment where I stopped them for a month to check and it made a huge difference. (hatingmyhair recommended the maca)

For sleeping I have been using Unisom for about 7 years. I added L-theanine for relaxation with it about 2 years ago. Those usually work. However, on the Unisom I had to start out with a quarter of a tablet because any more than that and I was hungover the next day. Now I have to take a full tablet for it to be effective, but to me it is worth it.