I'm with everyone else. A shampoo alone won't cut it and will, in fact, lead to further, dryness, unless you're using something like the CJ 2-in-1. That cleanses and moisturizes just fine. It is, in fact, too moisturizing for me, and that's why it now sits on the swap board. As for the dryness of your hair, well, first, I would stop conditioning with shampoo, if you have been, and try a dt, like Ouidad. That one always does the trick for me. There are some regular conditioners, though, that can act as dt's, if you already have some sitting around the house. Put conditioner on, stick on a shower cap, and turn on the blow dryer, or heat up a towel and twist it around the shower cap. Let it sit for a while. That should help with the dryness.