Hi Texas Mama! The thread was about Sprial curls cream and milkshake! which were my two favorites I ordered them in December and got the New Milkshake and the old spiral curls cream. I will be repurchasing milkshake because my hair seems to like this formula. I won't be repurchasing spiral curls cream because they added cones. When did you get your samples and where from? If you read thru the thread I listed the old ingred. for spiral curls cream and the new ingred. for milkshake. I believe someone else posted the new spiral ingred.

As far as I know whipped cream and souffle has not changed! Crossing my fingers in doesn't!!

I would call and ask them because you need to know that information in order to decide if you want to repurchase!
2c, 3a and 3b combined. I think anyway
Love Activate poo, Jessicurl too shea and aloeba as a leave in, Curls spiral cream(old version) and milkshake!!