I started this over a year ago
At first I needed to use shampoo once or twice a week.. just used a tiny bit on my scalp
but now I never "wash"

last time my hair was scrubbed was in the salon 6 months ago when I had it cut/colored

I don't do the baking soda/ACV thing.. tried but the baking soda was just too drying no matter how I did it and just don't like the smell of ACV

Basically all I do is massage my scalp really well under warm water once or twice a day (in the shower).. get out all the lint/dust.. ect..
and use a very thick, good quality conditioner
and rinse really well
that is it

I had a very sweaty, smelly workout and really thought I needed "poo" but just did the above.. and it was amazing.. my hair and scalp felt very clean.. wasn't greasy at all

I have very fine, frizzy, dry, break easy hair.. I have always used salon quality shampoo/conditioner.. but went through a spell of having scarecrow girl hair .. after googling I read about the no poo method and gave it a try

My hair is still frizzy, wild and crazy ..but it is super soft and shiny