I haven't noticed that my hair gets too "soft" with sls free poos, but I think it would make sense, since not all of your natural scalp oils are being stripped away like with regular sulfate shampoos. i do notice a different feeling in my hair while it is wet after i shampoo. I think it just takes some getting used to, we are so used to using sulfate shampoos and we equate that stripped "squeaky-clean" feeling with being fresh, clean & healthy. anything less feels less-than-clean sometimes. I have been using sulfate free poss for almost 2 months now and i am quite used to handling my hair now, I DID have to get used to the different condition of my hair. You may notice a difference between shampoo brands & formulas. as far as sulfate free shampoos go, I have tried Jessicurl HCC (sample), J/A/S/S/O/N natural EFA shampoo, and Aveda Sap Moss (I LOVE this one). I do notice that the jessicurl leaves my hair the softest of the three, I credit this to her use of beneficial oils. One thing I notice makes a huge difference is ro rinse, rinse, rinse the shampoo out, super-well. For me, ANY shampoo residue is a problem. while i don't rinde out my condish all the way, I have to be really careful to rinse out the shampoo %100. I don't thow if this is any help to you, but I'm learning as i go too
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