What is the sense in giving your hair a break from shampooing but still putting it through the rigors of styling
My point exactly, you are right about the styling being just as hard ad the shampooing on hair. Today, for example is a 2nd day hair day for me. I got up, put it in a jaw clip & showered, took the clip out & shook my hair, re-twisted it into a a half twist, sort of messy-tousseled look (the jaw clips look BEST if your hair is somewhay slept on & messy) but it is up, so it still looks neat...if that makes sense, messy but neat. I don't do A THING to my second day hair, that's why it IS second day hair. If you are constantly soaking, conditioning, diffusing, piling product on your hair every single day, It's no better for your hair that if you were to wash it with a sulfate free poo. I don't get the reasoning behind "conditioner" washing your hair every day either, (unless you have really dry/wiry/coarse tight curl that gets super-fuzzy when you sleep on it maybe?? even then i'd think a break would be beneficial). I would think just leaving it alone for a day would be much better for your hair. Granted, I know there ARE hair types that simply cannot go without wetting/taming their hair in some way, I am speaking only for myself (and my hair type). I don't think wavies NEED to wash/wet/condition/wash/style every day, I can't see any reason other that wanting "styled" hair everyday. Personally i love the freedom of getting up, showering & going...not thinking twice about my hair, just clip or pony & go. Just me though, everyone is different
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