The bolded part of what you typed doesn't make alot of sense and it's contrary to the description from NC that you posted. Clumping and having defined curls is the only way one would know the size of their curls thus what hair type group they belong to. If there is no clumping and no definition that would be 4b. I have not seen any type 3's that didn't have a clearly visible curl pattern. Type 4a tend to know they are 4a due to a clearly visible curl pattern which would mean clumping is involved. Type 4b does not clump and has no clearly visible curl pattern it is a fluffy cloud.

The poster you quoted made some good points and the fact this debate is ongoing is the reason why hair typing should be thrown out the window.
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Absolutely not to the bolded. Pull out a strand of your hair and you will be able to see the curl pattern - even if it is one strand rather than a group of curls. A type 3 can brush their curls out so they are no longer clumped, so do they turn into a 4b? Absolutely not. The reason I said the other poster seemed 4a was because she described little coils, which is 4a - and these can often be defined WITH product, and I've seen this many times. But, I also said I didn't see a picture of her hair so I couldn't really say what her hair type was. Once again, this is why hair typing is silly, which is what I said in my first post in this thread. I was simply addressing her questions.
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