Oh. I have read about vinegar and baking soda but I don't like the smell of vinegar, except in my salad or cooking, and baking soda doesn't remove stains like bleach does on contertops, clothes, etc. so that's what I would like to find a substitute for.*

Thanks for the tip about making sprays with the oils to use in the shower because I do have TTO and that's one of the key ingredients in the product I'm using now for the a/c and shower. I will certainly look up other recipes from now on, it's worth the effort!

*CelticCurls, so does the OxyClean really work? Please let me know because then I'll certainly buy some. I will keep the borax and Bio-Kleen in mind too next time I need to replace the stuff we're using mpw.

Oh-oh, we have totally hijacked this thread, none of this has anything to do with mildew in the hair anymore.
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