SO yesterday I had another good hair day. Pretty good curl definition that lasted until bedtime (11pm for me), with little to no frizz. I used the same routine as I explained before, the only difference was that yesterday was a humidity free day here in NJ.
But yesterday I also got my Boots!
Today i tried it for the first time. My hair is not hard, but actually soft. For the first time it is clumping really well. There is also no frizz (the test of this however is when I leave work and go out in the humidity). I have tons of body. My only problem right now, is that i don't have as many curls as I would like. It looks like i am a straightie that scrunched. I normally have more curls with my ouidad and no scrunching. I will not blame the boots for this yet. I would like to give it some time and mix and match styling products. I might add a curl defining lotion (marc anthony) to it tomorrow and eliminate my smoothing milk (it has silicones). I probably won't use as much Boots either. I'll keep you posted.
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