HalfWavy, I was thinking that too -- at this point,we should almost post this on the recipes board, or somewhere....

Anyway, yes indeed, the OxyClean does work. It uses peroxide, and is fumeless & doesn't damage fabrics or cause me any skin irritation. You can buy some of the no-names that work just as well and try it in a smaller amount. I've found the key to most of these products is to let them sit/soak longer than you would a strong chemical product like Clorox or Tilex or ammonia. I've found whites get pretty darn white w/ the Oxy, & keep in mind I have made peace with the idea of dingy whites long ago, if the price is having to use Clorox. I've also used it to remove stains & found it didn't damage the colored item. I've used it on sink drains, toilets, tubs.... it's stronger than borax, which is best for everyday.

Note: you can go ahead & add essential oils to borax to customize your cleaners if you like. I think I'd do more chemistry research before trying that with Oxy.
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