I am a 3c with virgin hair. No color and no relaxer for 8 years. My curls are soft but do get very frizzy. I have to use a lot of product to reduce frizz. My hair dresser suggested using this treatment to help with the frizz and to get a more managable curl. I told her I did not want to loose my curl and she said it wouldn't loose all of my curl just help condition it, help with frizz and tame my curls. WRONG!!!! This treatment completely took the curl out of my hair!!!! My hair looks relaxed. My hair always curls up when wet and even after 45 mins of scruntching and putting on product my hair barely gets to wavy. If you don't want straight hair all of the time (like me, I like and embrase my curls and would never relax or permanently straighten my hair) then I would really think about using this product before you try it OR do a sample on a small piece of your hair.

I am 3 weeks in to having used the 30 day treatment (which I used once). My hair will still not curl at all when wet, when blown dry and flat ironed it won't hold any style or curl. It lays there flat like a limp noodle when it is wet, it has no volume which is something I never had a problem with before. I cannot get my hair into any of the curly styles I wore and loved before. I am PRAYING that my beautiful curls will come back after the 6 week timeframe. Please say a prayer for me people! I hope this helps