Well there are a couple things I have figured out about my hair since coming to NC.com:
1) It looks better the day after not washing it
2) Silicones are bad for me
3) Too much product obviously weighs my hair down

Therefore, tomorrow I have decided to not use my leave-in (it has cones) or my smoothing milk (also has cones). My day will be wash, condish, mc curl defining lotion (just a little as a leave-in), then boots (less than i used today). I get so nervous that my hair will look horrible that i throw more and more products in without taking out the old ones.

I decided that I wanted to go -cone free, so i ordered samples of Jessicurl HCC and aloeba condish. i wasn't supposed to, b/c I have way too many poos and condishes.

CaliforniaWaves - I love that they are soft too. there is no frizziness either (right now). I will definitely put less in tomorrow. I think you mentioned this before, but how much Boots do you use (and how long is your hair and do you have a lot of it)? I have a lot of hair and it is medium textured.
Why don't you like the Jessicurl HCC? Do you think it is weighing your hair down or not removing all of the Boots?
Type 2C/3A, Medium texture and I have a ton of it, long hair, brunette, flat crown.
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