Oh girl, I really appreciate the additional info! I'm usually more concerned about removing stains from clothes than whitening them, chlorine bleach gradually weakens clothes if used that way so I've only done it very occasionally. I've long known it's very harmful for our lungs, etc. so I avoid using it as much as possible, in fact, I can't even remember how long ago I bought the 90oz. jug of bleach I have, could be about a year or more, who knows, there's still about 1/3 of it left but if I can get good results with something safer I will surely use it, and yes, I've seen the tubs of knock-offs and had wondered if they did anything, lol, but I still see the OxyClean on sale regularly.

I am the kind who recycles and reuses everything I can ("card-carrying" member of the Pack Rat & Frugality Clubs ), I even belong to a Freecycle group so I not only think in terms of health but the environment and good stewardship of the planet as well. Maybe I don't do enough yet but I think every bit counts!
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