Ok, so I know I've mentioned before but my Dad is battling with esophageal cancer which has also spread to his liver. He's had most of his esophagus and stomach removed. Lately he's having trouble eating. Prior to this he'd been slightly altering his diet but now really needs a change. Because of his stomach size I'm looking for filling but not too heavy foods. Anyone have any leads? He loves food and loves too cook so I'm trying to find ways to preserve this but help his stomach feel better and by extension help him feel better.

Spices seem to be bothering him lately, though I'm not sure if that's just because they've gone overboard on them or not. Yesterday he had a simple turkey and cheese sandwich in a pita and while he ate it and it stayed down, I could tell the flavor was blah to him. I'm looking for ways to incorporate flavor while staying on the easy to digest/packs a nutritional punch side.

My plan is to start bringing dinner down there once a week or so, since he can be a bit pig headed about trying out what he may see as a "boring" recipe.

So if anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate them!