I found out that I have a small sample of this that I recieved in a swap a while back but I hadnt heard anything about it on the boards so I stuck it away and forgot about it. After reading this thread it joggled my memory so Im going to try it and review. I have fine easily weighed down hair as well and my sample is nourish and shine so hopefully I will be lucky like medusa and not get weighed down :^) SOOOO excited b/c diffusing is working for me FINALLY and I have been wanting a finisher to tame a few flyaways *crosses fingers* wish me luck!!! What are you ladies using under this mousse or gel?? Im really close to giving in and and trying JOIWHIP with my recoil b/c my hair has been very droop lately.
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long_n_curly, i use it after diffusing and i get brilliant results! when i use a strong hold gel, my hair will still look wet (dark) and crispy even when 80% dry. this means the strong hold gel has worked, and the c urls have kept their tight shape. so once my hair is 80% dry (but remember still looking wet) i take a DAB on my finger of the JCS and spread it round my hands, then scrunch it in. it works a dream. i probably use 3 or 4 dabs but its better to use tiny dabs to begin with then keep using small dabs, then one big dollop and then it goes wrong. i once used too much of this and it weighed my hair down. but it is SO good for getting rid of crunch, making my hair super soft, frizz free and OH-so-shiney

rushirb - the light one is almost too rich for my hair unless i use a tiny amount! i dont think i could style with it on wet hair (partly as its so expensive!) but it is still very thick in the lighter version. i think the main difference in ingredients is the light one does NOT contain shea butter, whilst the rich version does. shea butter is far too greasy and heavy for my hair. but my hair is VERY fine and easily over conditioned. i could send you a sample of the light version if you'd like to try it out first before ordering? i know its expensive to buy a whole tub!

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