Curlsofny, you can use Curls Whipped Cream by itself if you are okay with having light-to-medium hold. If you need to add more hold to your hair you can apply gel over it. Curls sells a gel called Goddess Glaze that you can use it with or if you have a favorite gel, you can always use that too. I am a 3B with naturally dry, medium-to-coarse curls and I never use gel with Curls Whipped Cream. I like using Curls Whipped Cream when my hair needs heavy moisturization, like during the Winter time.
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Hi, thanks for the reply. I tried the Goddess Glaze, but for some reason, it did not do well on my hair. Not sure if that is because I wasn't using it with their styling creams underneath?? I do like the Whipped Cream so far - I have the Souffle as well, but I think the Whipped Cream might be better.