I tried this Wednesday morning and really liked it! Such good timing too because I was way overdue for a PT. Iíve never used Aphogee, so I canít compare it to that. The only ones Iíve tried are the Sallyís version of K-Pak (hated it due to the mineral oil) and the Nexxus Emergencee, which I just ran out of. When I use Emergencee, my hair actually feels really good and silky as Iím applying it and as Iím rinsing it. Itís never felt rough and straw-like as some others have reported, so I suppose that means I really need the protein.

I made the basic recipe, only adding the pinch of citric acid and a few drops of avocado oil after the gelatin mix had cooled a bit. Applied the mixture, put on plastic cap and turban, left it on for 5 minutes, then got straight in the shower to rinse and applied my regular conditioner (currently Yes To Cucumbers Daily Care). Hair felt great and was very shiny, frizz-free and much perkier. Iím wondering though if I could have left it on longer, or whether it would have gotten too difficult to rinse out? Have you ever left it on longer than 5 minutes, IAgirl? Or is it better to keep the time at 5 minutes and just do the treatments more frequently if I feel I need more protein?

Thanks again for posting this. Oh, and if anyone is interested, you can get large boxes of the gelatin packets (32 packets per box) at WalMart for just a couple of bucks.