Shorts??? You lucky peach!! In my dreams, lemme tell ya. But then again I am in the midwest, so what's 60 degrees one day can be 22 the next. Seriously, thursday I could have gone without a coat and it was in the mid 50's, friday it was sleeting, snowing and dipped down to the teens. At least you can't get bored with the weather around here. :P

Anyway, I got GREAT results from the guava cream!! I love it! I ended up putting a bit more in after it had dried, and I had to diffuse with my hot sock becuase the dryer I was using burned out and so I had to borrow one that my finger diffuser wouldn't fit on. So I think I could have had even better results, but so far so good! Now I want to get the Coffeecoco cream, so if anyone has some and they don't want it, let me know!
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07