Here is my list:

Kinky Curly:
KCKT conditioner
Kinky Curly shampoo
Kinky Curling Custard
Kinky Curly liquid (something in yellow bottle)

Curlz Target:
Curlz Shampoo
Curlz conditioner
Curlz Creme Brulee
Curlz Goddess Curls (clear gel in bottle)

Miss Jessie's:
Kinky Curly Pudding
Quick Curls
Baby Buttercream

Ecostyle Olive Oil Gel
Herbal Essence: None of your Frizziness
Herbal Essence: In the blue bottle
Herbal Essence: In the red bottle
Herbal Essence: In the purple bottle
Suave Coconut Conditioner
Vo8 Moisture Milk Raspberry

Aussie Products:
Aussie Moist

Well this isn't too bad, when I first went natural I tried just about everything. I've actually used all of my products. I didn't like Miss Jessie, but since it's expensive, I'm going to use the product line until its finished. It's not too bad because my hair is a bit longer.
Natural again 4/2010
Hair type, kinky-curly 3c-4a type I believe
medium to low porosity, medium textured, and medium density.

Who knew! Now that I know this, it's time I get started working on a hair routine!