Isn't it great not to be fighting so much with your hair anymore? Like, instead of being all, "I HATE YOU!" to my hair, now I'm all, "You are a mystery wrapped in a conundrum, and I WILL figure you out!!" Even though I'm far from having all the answers, it's a nice shift.

Jelly, the difference in that one photo where you can see the edge of your glasses and the one in your avatar is amazing! Wow, the curls are really popping out!

And nezumikiriq, you are so cute! I remember reading your other thread, and while I do think you look cute with straight or curly hair, there's just something about your curls that gives you so much personality. I hope you don't give them up! I'm 43 years old, and have been fighting with my hair my whole life, and I *wish* I had known at your age what I know now about taking care of my hair.
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