Thanks Darby I live in Canada and my local grocery store sells Natures gate it would be a dream come true to have a HG I could get locally. Have you had success with any other types or just the awaphui (sp)
is the shampoo sulfate free?
Have you tried SMU gel? I had no luck with it thats why I am hesitant to try TT. Oh well for the price I guess I can let my DH use it up if it doesnt work :^)
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I haven't tried any of their other conditioners. I think I'm going to get a more moisturizing one to alternate with the awapuhi because I feel like my hair is getting a bit on the dry side. I clarifyed last night and used a deep condish and my hair feels better today.
The shampoo in not sulfate free but it's down the list. I have tried SMU and I didn't like it. It weighed my hair down too much. I've also tried the body envy mousse and didn't like it. I was going to get the gel but everyone said that body envy is alot like SMU so I didn't want to even try it.

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