LMAO! Yes, ladies, I'm feeling you with this one!

If I had a quarter for every time somebody asked me this, I would be the next Donald Trump.

As it happens, yes, I am mixed. My skin is white...I'm talking the kind of skin that burns lobster red in the heat. But I do have African blood in my veins.

My hair is what gives it away. However, I've never understood people who feel the need to ask: "What are you?"

Like, WTF? Does my race or ethnicity determine what kind of person I am?

Another one is being told that I'm "exotic". Ugh. Seriously, I do NOT want to be defined by other people.

I don't like labels or stereotypes. To the OP...if people think you're mixed, that's not necessarily a bad thing. There are lots of mixed people who look like you do. Maybe there's a little sumthin in your family tree that you're unaware of.