Darby & I live in the same state, so I'll chime in w/ my observations of what works for my (also fine & easily weighed down) hair.

I too suggest conditioners, for moisture, moisture, moisture. I tried Nature's Gate, but found it too thin. I keep going back to Elucence Moisture Balancing as a rinse-out or leave-in. Another rinse-out conditioner I also keep going back to is Victoria's Secret Garden Sensuous Shine Amber Romance for dry/damaged hair. And my other leave-in conditioner is ABBA Nourishing.

For too long I was a conditioner wh0re & nothing's come close to these three over my years of being tempted by the forbidden fruit.

However, two conditioners I haven't used in so long for some reason or another is TIGI Bed Head's Oatmeal & Honey, & The Body Shop's Amlika. The first is a rinse-out & the second's a leave-in. These are great too, from what I remember, but like I said, it's been a long time.