Whoa, this is really one tangled web that was woven (try saying that five times fast, lol).

Anyway, I wouldn't blame you for not being okay with being friends with him if he became a dead beat dad. I admire you for being his friend and advising him the best way you can, I think you are correct in telling him to get things straightened out long before the baby comes. She does so a bit . . looney, so I hope he knows that a whole lot of crazy is going to be coming his way in regards to her and his child.

Does he know for sure it's his?
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I know what a mess eh??!?! He just smashed his car and now this!

I told him that he needs proof of paternity when the baby is born but he is so worried about being cold and heartless that he's not looking out for himself.

He said after he left her house last night she was on the floor crying begging him to take her back so that they could be together ... Not ONE word about the poor baby and what would be best for it. My advice was that in the end it's kinder to be CLEAR that he will never get back with her as they will just break up eventually and she needs to make decisions for herself and her baby in reality and not with ehr head in the clouds.

Her family is very catholic and I have the feeling that they are going to wreck his life is he doesn't "do the right thing" by marrying her. He may think it's cold and heartless to go to a lawyer and demand paternity but in the end having the details sorted out before the baby comes will prevent it from being used a a pawn and for manipulation.

He's only known this girl for 2 months and according to him it was very casual. I want to just tell him he's an complete idiot but I'm trying to be supportive.