I feel for her.


Im not condoning certain behaviour (if, like RCW said, all of it is true). But, she is probably freaking out. She is pregnant by a guy she has known 2 months, who even by your accounts, is a bit of an unemployed dead-beat. Her life has taken a complete u-turn, she may not want, be ready, or able to care for a baby. And it seems like she has little to no support. I don't blame her being desperate to get back together if she feels she needs someone in this with her. It may not be the best thing, but it sure is understandable.

He does need to be clear on his feelings for her. He needs to get a paternity test. And he also needs to man up, get a job, and start acting like a father. From now. If abortion is out, this woman is going to need support from him, whether he wants to be a couple or not.

She doesn't need to just make decisions for herself and her baby. They need to make decisions for their child.
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You feel for her?? I don't! I can't tell you how many girls who "say" they're on birth control but WHOOPS get pregnant after 2 months of knowing someone. It just happens too often to feel sorry anymore. I mean yeah, maybe this kid IS making her feel crazy, because I know that feeling, but the whole getting pregnant sh1t is just uncalled for. MAYBE it truly WAS an accident, but I just don't buy it.
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