I had an internal ultrasound done at around 8 weeks with my first. Looked like a tiny pea with a halo which is why I asked earlier. Like said it can be done to prove pregnancy, etc. I was having severe back pain which is why I had mine. I don't believe they're routine though.
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Sent a curious e-mail to my sister-in-law who happens to be a physicians assistant and she confirmed that they can be done early, but usually don't show much, just like you're saying. They're usually only to confirm the pregnancy, and usually only done in high-risk pregnancies or if a miscarriage is suspect because they're cost prohibitive. Doesn't sound like either of these is the case, though.
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I saw him last night and the more I hear the weirder this whole thing seems.

She broke up with her boyfriend earlier this year whom she was in a 10 year relationship with. Turns out they were trying to have a baby and she misscarried .... bing bang boom she meets Dave and is all of a suddent pregnant again?

I had a look at the ultrasound is it is defnitely real ... she also started sending him messages while we were out for dinner last night (he just needed to talk) and he showed them to me.

While Dave was not being the most delicate in all his responses he said several times (without my advice) that while he has no interest in getting back together with her but that he has every intent to be there emotionally and financially for the child ... she just needs to be clear about what she needs and he will work with her. It was like she was wasn't even listening ... she just kept saying how he was in denial and was threatening to tell his family all these details if he didn't do the right thing ...

Turns out she has a doctors appointment today which he had to ask her almost a dozen times about before she told him when and where it was. He's planning on showing up to show her that he will be for her regarding the pregnancy and to hopefully get some answers.

The more I hear the more it sounds like she may have been upset about the earlier miscarrage and purposely got pregnant .. and then when reality set in she started freaking out.

I'll post an update once I find out how the doctors appointment goes. He really needs to see a lawyer.

ETA: I did tell him after he showed me initially that I didn't wannt him showing me any more of her messages because it was none of my business and made me uncomfortable. They are both being increbdibly selfish and immature about this whole thing .. This is not how two 29 year old adults should be acting.

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