I had an internal ultrasound done at around 8 weeks with my first. Looked like a tiny pea with a halo which is why I asked earlier. Like said it can be done to prove pregnancy, etc. I was having severe back pain which is why I had mine. I don't believe they're routine though.
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Sent a curious e-mail to my sister-in-law who happens to be a physicians assistant and she confirmed that they can be done early, but usually don't show much, just like you're saying. They're usually only to confirm the pregnancy, and usually only done in high-risk pregnancies or if a miscarriage is suspect because they're cost prohibitive. Doesn't sound like either of these is the case, though.
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First trimester ultrasounds are done not only to confirm pregnancy, but also to "date" the pregnancy. In fact, dating ultrasounds are much more accurate when done in the first trimester than when done later, so if a woman comes in without knowing good dates, a dating ultrasound can be done right away and can give very accurate dating of the pregnancy.
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Good to know. Thanks!
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