It's so nice to find everyone feels the same as I. I only this summer discovered my hair has natural curl and wave - definitely wurly. As a child, my mother would have my hair perm-fried for the beginning of school and would then pull it back in a ponytail or "pig-tails". Then for special occasions, she would curl it with these rubbery split rollers (she called them banana curlers) and I'd have Shirley Temple curls. High school meant long, split-down-middle part, curled on orange juice can-sized rollers to try and avoid the frizz. As soon as I married in the mid-70s, I cut my hair so short, the top stood up cheering. Then came the perms - my hair was very resistant to perms. I scared many hair dressers. They would finally give up and neutralize my hair because they were afraid it was going to burn and break off. I finally gave up and just cut it short - really short - for many, many years. When I found myself widowed a couple of years ago, I started letting it grow out. The growing out came from disinterest, I think, but if I hadn't let it grow, I would never have discovered the wurls. The longer is grew, the more difficult it was to handle. I would blow dry it, curling iron it, flat-iron it and would end up with a big, frizzy mess, only to give up and pull it back into a pony tail or bun. I kept trying for the sleek, smooth, straight hair all the young women wore in my office. I was convinced the frizz was just because I was old and so was my hair. A couple of months ago, I started looking for answers on the internet and discovered this message board. What a remarkable education you all have provided for me! Thanks for all the help. I'm still experimenting with products. The research has been fun. My son lives with me and he's tired of listening to me. He's only 22 yrs old and almost bald on top, so I've got to give it a rest when he's around. My older son has gorgeous, curly, hair which he wears very long. We've always wondered where he got his curls. I've found a curl cream and spray gel and plopping works best for me. I diffuse the back and sides and clip the top. Here's where I feel like an imposter. I clip the top into almost pin-curls and clip with a jaw-type clip. When people ask me if I've gotten a perm or if it's my natural hair, I enjoy answering that it's my natural hair - I just don't elaborate on how much encouragement my "natural hair" requires. Does this make me an imposter? Possibly - but I'm not lying. Every morning when I wake up, spray that cold, cold water on my frizzy mess and curl it up in a t-shirt, I'm afraid when I un-do the t-shirt, the wurls will have given up, but so far, they haven't failed me yet. Sorry this is so long. Again, thanks to all of you for your tips, tricks and commaradarie (sic).