Just come out of hibernation (again!)... I am definitely a wavy imposter. On 16 September 2010, I had my hair spiral permed. Definitely no horror story here though - perhaps I got lucky! I absolutely love my hair at the moment. People that I have never met have tapped me on the shoulder, and paid me compliments about my hair, something which I rarely received before taking the plunge. I am so proud of the young lady (22) who performed this service. There was a reason why I put myself through this though. I had hair extensions applied two days prior (14 September), and the weaker curls simply did not match my own natural curls. It looked really odd for those two days. Either the extensions had to go (no chance of that!) or some heavy duty curls had to be created.

So there you have it - another wavy imposter story! I will upload a newer Avatar pic in the near future.

Would I put myself through this again? Most likely not as I am not one to tempt fate - and I do not believe it could ever be this good again. But at least now having been through the experience myself, I can offer advice to anyone considering having it done.

Location: Queensland, Australia
Gender: Male – straight (and single)
Hair type: 3b - long(er), natural redhead and proud of it!
Cleanse: mop c-system clean shampoo - sulphate free (once a week)
Condition: mop mixed greens moisture conditioner
Leave-in: Joico leave-in detangler
Styling: Redken Fresh Curls curl refiner cream, Murray’s pomade (sparingly!)
Treatment: Redken All Soft Heavy Cream

Definitely a brush-free zone - finger waving rules ‹(•¿•)›