I feel like an impostor because if I just washed and let air dry, no product or blow dryer, my hair would barely have any wave. But it would still have a little too much wave to be "straight" hair so...basically it just looks bad if I don't do anything to it. It's not wavy or straight, just some awkward ugly middle ground.

But then, either way I guess I'm an impostor! If I straighten it, that's not my real texture either. And if I have to do SOMETHING to my hair, I'd rather it turn out wavy than straight.
2b (with some straight under-layer, grrrrr)
Normal porosity, low elasticity, medium texture

(according to CurlGenie - HUGE surprise, I always thought I had fine hair and my stylists always agreed)

Tried CG for a summer, but it wasn't for me. I don't load up on sulfates and silicones, but I have no shame in using them when I want/need to! Currently loving LOOB.