You all are too sweet! Thanks for the compliments. (You would laugh today if you saw my hair... it's 4 days old in a big frizzy ponytail bun thing, and I've been in and out of the dreary rain all day. Yuck!)

I think I bought the elucence foam a while back, and wasn't sure I liked it. Am I remembering correctly? I'll have to see if I can remember... Anyways, I have wanted to try it, so maybe I will. How do you all use volumizing foam?

I am tempted to try the CJ stuff... it hit the market right before I started wandering to the non-hair board, and I remember people raving about it, esp. how it smells. I'm a little scared to try the leave in... my hair has never done well with leave in conditioner. I actually have to alternate Suave with my Jessicurl Aloeba because my hair will get too weighed down, even though I rinse it all the way out. So maybe I'll try the curl creme instead... Thanks for the suggestions so far!

ETA: I just went to Curlmart to investigate the CJ products and saw the liquid pomade. Anyone have any experience with this?
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