Have you considered (or tried) scheduled dosing of NSAIDs (e.g. motrin, possibly even prescription NSAIDs) to help with cramping? I'm just about finished with my OBGYN in school, and we are now being advised to prescribe scheduled doses of NSAIDs before prescribing OCP for very painful cramping.

Scheduled dosing would be taking the medicine before the onset of your period, and then following up every 6-8 hours as advised as prophylaxis to the pain, instead of trying to abort it. It's actually becoming more standard treatment now, and it works well (from what we are told).

Just something to keep in mind if you ever determine you no longer want to stay on OCPs.

But, speaking from personal experience, I have been on Yaz and did notice my hair would fall out in chunks. I have also been on ortho-low almost all of high school and I thought it was a much nicer combination of hormones in contrast to Yaz.

Keep us updated!
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I just think if a pill is causing your hair to fall out stop using it. I agree NSAIDS are an option since you were taking them for pain (Ibuprofen, naproxen). I've also found that taking omega3 can drastically reduce the pain you get during your monthly. I def have had extremely painful periods too and a change of lifestyle, eating habits along with supplements and I'm pretty much pain free during that time. You will want one that has at least 800mg of (EPA + DHA). I'm very anti-pharmaceutical anything so I think your best bet is to try using something natural. Because I just couldnt take it if my hair was falling out because of the pill.

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