I'm a proud feminist. So is my husband. I don't know what neoliberalism is, but I don't blame it for the backlash against feminism.
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Neoliberalism isn't what most people would consider liberal. It's basically an update of classical, 18th century-style liberalism. It's all about free markets and private enterprise. Actually, I'm not really sure about how it relates to feminism.
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Responsibilization (variation of the protestant work ethic) is integral to neoliberalism. Everyone is responsible for their own achievements and social location/power/dynamics play no part in that equation. So Women's subordination/exclusion is unrelated to male privilege, and Women's disadvantage is purely a result of the individual Woman's choices.

Neoliberalism, via the responsibilization thesis, undermines feminism's criticism of male domination, just as it does negatively racialized people's criticism of racism.