Absolutely, I'm a feminist. It kind of burns my ass when some women go out of their way to make it clear they're not feminists, since they've undoubtedly benefited from the hard work done by feminists in older generations.

It also burns my ass that so many people equate feminism to man-hating. Just an attempt to shame women out of fighting for equal rights. "Oh, of course I don't hate men! Here, take your privilege back with my sincerest apologies." Nope.
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Love this post!

Ass burning is good, keeps us focused and alert to what's going on.

I thank all the Women who came before and fought for all the things I now take for granted like greater reproductive freedom, job choices, protection from various expressions of male violence, and the esteem to know that I am entitled to all of these things and more.

They were much braver than I but I try to do my small part whenever/wherever possible as I am sure all of us responding to this thread do.